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Brothers at Arms
The Boy Colonel
The Boy Colonel
The Mountain Fortress by John J Horn.jpg

Gritty adventure novels that captivate the imagination and inspire boys to embrace their calling as Christian men. Enter the 1830s, a time brimming with mystery, unexplored territories, burgeoning technologies, Old World fighting tactics, and the ever-present need for manly men of honor and courage.

Who is John J. Horn?

I'm an author passionate about sharing well-crafted stories that glorify Christ. I began life on the East Coast and transplanted to sunny Texas, where I work in the advertising industry by day and spin story webs by night. Read more . . .


What do I write?

I seek to mesh tight plots, unique settings, and unforgettable characters in stories that glorify Christ and communicate important lessons. What will you find in a John J. Horn book? Adventure. Action. Mystery. Intrigue. Suspense. Wholesome romance. And more . . .

John J. Horn

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