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Brothers at Arms
Brothers at Arms
Treasure & Treachery in the Amazon


Lawrence and Chester Stoning are twins, but like Jacob and Esau of old they have little else in common. Lawrence is a realist, fascinated by the study of science, mathematics, and history, while Chester longs for the knightly adventures of chivalrous times past — hard-fought battles, gold-filled caves, damsels in distress.


When Chester's impetuosity engages the unlikely pair as bodyguards to a Spaniard and his beautiful ward Pacarina, the twins realize that the 19th century calls for a chivalry of its own. Protecting Pacarina's secret strands them in the steaming jungles and dizzying mountains of Peru. Can the twins learn to trust God and work together before it's too late? Or will they fall prey to the mysterious schemes of Pacarina's enemy — an enemy they know nothing about?

It was brilliant . . . the plot was tightly woven . . . the themes . . . were impeccable . . . full of crackling dry wit.”
The Boy Colonel
The Boy Colonel
​A Soldier Without a Name


The year is 1836. A mysterious young English soldier known as the “Boy Colonel” commands a crack regiment in the snowy wastelands of Siberia. No one knows his history. No one knows his name. The Cossacks want him dead — but are they the only ones? It seems his worst enemy may wear an English uniform.


The Boy Colonel strives to perform his duty, but when that duty becomes mixed he must decide which sovereign is greater — the king of England, or the God of the Bible. Treachery, intimidation, and deceit block his path. His choice of allegiance may mean the difference between life and death. Is he prepared to risk all to protect his loved ones?

My absolute favorite kind of fiction . . . engaging, loved the intense plot and action right up to the end.”
Brothers at Arms
Secret of the Lost Settlement
The Duty of Warriors


Outlawed for a crime he did not commit, the “Boy Colonel” must seek pardon by finding witnesses to his supposed crime in the whaling fleet off Greenland’s coast. But his plans go awry when his search amidst the fjords and shifting ice-mountains leads him into a hidden valley peopled by descendants of a Roman expedition lost during Nero’s reign.


When twins Lawrence and Chester Stoning arrive with news of Queen Victoria’s ultimatum, Colonel Nobody must decide whether to stay and protect the colony’s persecuted Christians or venture to escape with the proof needed to save his best friend from hanging. Or will he survive the settlement’s horrors long enough to do either?

The Mountain Fortress by John J Horn.jpg
The Mountain Fortress
Escape to the Outback


Colonel Nobody and Liana’s wedding goes horribly wrong when a group of men tries to kill them. They learn that a band of Assassins is tracking Nobody—and will stop at nothing short of annihilation. Worse yet, Lawrence, Pacarina, and Chester Stoning become entangled in the hunt.

The friends travel to Australia to flee their hunters and unearth Edmund’s long-lost brother. But when the Assassins and a mysterious Russian named Bogdan follow them there, they must battle for life in a strange land full of exotic beasts and bushwhackers. It’s kill, or be killed. Who will come out alive?

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